with the C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Closing Method

A weekend program to discover the latest visual selling frameworks to qualify prospects in record time, speed up your sales results, and at the same time, position your company as the market leader.



Especially When Your Competitors are Outspending You in Every Area!

We can help you Outsmart, Outperform and Outlast your Competitors, with the C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Closing Method.

Insightful Illustrations = Impactful Impressions

Make use of our 7-Step C.O.N.C.E.P.T. Closing Framework to Supercharge Your Sales.

In just ONE day, you will pick ONE product/service and ONE target client, as we work together to apply different concept closing methods to help you:

Speed Up
Your Sales Conversion
scale up
your sales qualification
stay fresh
in your prospects’ minds



















Marketing & Sales Strategist


  • Started 9 businesses with zero-budget marketing strategies
  • 19 years experience in designing and deploying marketing strategies for service-based businesses
  • Had been consulting brands like Maybank, Great Eastern, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, WWF, Legoland, MyBurgerLab and more.
  • Helped clients generate over $60 million in revenue during the first lockdown in 2020
  • Regular resource speaker for Vistage Malaysia
  • Marketing consultant with community building background, featured on TEDx, Startup Grind, BFM and more


Maverick is by far the BEST EMAIL MARKETER Trainer in Malaysia and probably the World. His copy is second to none. His coaching style is engaging, high informative, hands-on, quirky, fun and truly never a dull moment.

I highly and Strongly recommend Maveric for your company’s needs. He’s truly the best and worth every single cent of investment.

His experience and knowledge are truly in-depth and his style is no-nonsense and proven to work.

Maverick loves to share and help and he’s truly a great educator.

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh
Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Educational Revolutionist & Social Activist

I always believe that marketing is an art of human psychology, and this has been validated by observing how well Maverick master and play this piece of art via his one-to-one discovery call and masterclasses.

His marketing framework is logical, systematic, and easy to understand for beginners like us, and he has not offered values in methodology but also implementation of certain key steps to drive results, this is one of the most valuable aspects of his classes. I hope I can close my training and coaching business sales just like him one day.

Resourceful, smart, and selfless marketing strategist, who is at times can be a little humorous, a highly recommended digital marketing expert and guru that you can go to!

Vivmmie Lau
Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Coach

I met Maverick in 2012 when he was running

He’s always full of ideas and strategies which worked. He’s coached me and my revenue increased more than 100% year-on-year.

Most importantly, he genuinely wants you to succeed.

I am so glad our paths crossed and for anyone looking to boost their sales, he is the go-to guy! This, I can guarantee!

Mun Foong Ng
Founder of WanderZoom & Phoenix Signature Kitchen

I love Mav’s work. His presentation is slick, his content is always insightful and he’s funny.

I’ve known Mav for quite some time but have only recently joined his webinars (and am following his LinkedIn course) – and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve learned so much from Mav! Thanks for what you do, Mav!

Zaim Mohzani
Director of External Relations, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific

Maverick is one of the best in his field.

I have always experienced him to be resourceful, super generous with his knowledge, and a kind human being.

He is committed to all his clients and if you’d need any help with your business marketing, reach out to him!

Thiva Subramaniam
Digital Strategist & Culture Consultant

Maverick is the one in this region to work with to create invaluable and insightful webinars that is authentic and a lot more!

I was at one of his Zoom sessions and he has definitely impressed me with his skillful presentation. He could actually share slides without using Zoom’s “Share” function, fascinating me as an audience.

Thank you too for going the extra mile to follow up with me when I asked a question almost close to the end of the online Zoom meeting. He has made the special effort to follow up with his responses to my question by the very next morning.

You need to not just learn from him what is the invisible engine and framework that drives his authentic and value-packed style of presentation, you have to practice HOW he does it with a heart and amazing mind too.

Pei Yun Cheng
Multiperspective Strategist & Creator

Maverick is truly an amazing gift in the branding and marketing space. He brilliantly knows how to get his message across in a way that “wow” his audience.

His refreshingly insightful knowledge comes through practical implementations, which are easy for anyone to follow – no matter their expertise level or field of study.

I got lots of golden nuggets from Maverick’s presentation on copywriting, storytelling, marketing…and many more!

Wendy Song
Copywriter & Digital Marketer

This guy is a genius in his field.

Attended his workshop and he shared so many insightful tips on increasing my presence on LinkedIn, utilizing various tools to ease postings, writing articles, creating right-sized images, how to attract the target market etc.

Ever need digital marketing advice – he’s the person to go to!

Geetha Kandiah
ASEAN Intellectual Property Expert, KASS International

When it comes to email marketing, Maverick knows his stuff.

I’ve watched him fill events, workshops and his bank accounts with just emails – well written, highly engaging, results-driven.

Before this, I never knew emails were an effective marketing tool, but after working with Maverick on a few projects, I see (and experience) the positive outcomes myself. Just one campaign and it has brought in $10k in revenue, with a couple of deals in the pipeline.

Thanks to Mav, when it comes to email marketing, I’m sold!

Alex Tan
Award-Winning Leadership Thought Leader, Avidity International

I attended Maverick’s Email Profits Masterclass and I had a great experience.

Maverick not only shared tactics and hacks when it comes to email marketing but he also shared strategic frameworks for demand generation.

Maverick’s training is highly recommended not just for email marketers but for anyone who wants to improve their marketing strategy.

Bob Low
LinkedIn Marketing Consultant

I have the opportunity to be coached by Maverick on new profits and marketing – he made things very simplified yet effective to capture other people’s attention.

I also had the opportunity to be working very closely with Mav in some projects – love his commitment to underpromise and overdeliver!

Wesley Chan, CSP
Sales Breakthrough Coach and Keynote Speaker

I have met & heard of Maverick’s work during his days leading and assisting many of the emerging entrepreneurs that I know.

I kept seeing his work and good recommendations coming from many groups in the learning & development industry, but I did not check them out. It was until, recently that I decided to start attending and being engaged with Maverick’s online learning sessions, that I really find his content and his strategies to be very ‘Refreshing & Relevant’ especially in this changing world, post-pandemic.

He is also a charismatic & persuasive presenter, and truly relates real-life updated content to help his clients – Many of them are Trainers, Coaches & Speakers like myself.

I would highly recommend Maverick’s guidance and coaching for both corporates and entrepreneurs out there – Especially when you are looking at mastering the art of High Ticket Persuasion & Communication.

Well Done again Maverick! Thank You for always contributing back to the community!

Michael Teoh
Founder of Thriving Talents, Global Advisor & KOL of Microsoft

If anyone delivers quality consistently it is Maverick. I have never walked away from a conversation, webinar, workshop or talk that hasn’t been insightful and fruitful with Mav.

I’ve attended several of his workshops and took his Webinar Profits Intensive course. Which is well designed that even busy professionals can implement with results.

His practical approach and after-workshop implementation support is phenomenal. This is where the magic has happened for me in taking my events online and building a better social media presence.

His level of integrity, vast knowledge, and deep compassion make him my favorite human on this planet and a trusted mentor with his genius solutions.

Chitrah Karthigeyan
Innovator & Founder, Soularist

I have known Mav since my early MaGIC days when I was trying to connect to various startup communities in Malaysia and I was told he was the person to reach out to if I want to tap into a vibrant and active community – that time it was, one of the largest entrepreneur community in this part of town.

This guy brooks no-nonsense and he is also a straight shooter, making him one of the best people to discuss possibilities and opportunities. He believes in marketing fundamentals just as I do and he definitely amassed a wealth of experience when it comes to communication, email marketing, and touching first bases with potential clients.

If you are looking to scale your B2B via marketing, then I will suggest for you to reach out to Maverick for your next move. Ask him about the copywriting magic.

Alan Cheah
Country GM, Carsome



Day 1 | Friday, 15th July 2022
Day 2 | Saturday, 16th July 2022
Day 3 | Sunday, 17th July 2022


Day 1 | 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Day 2 | 9.00am – 12.30pm
Day 3 | 9.00am – 12.30pm


Private Zoom Room


Normal Price RM2997

For the first 10, Only RM1497


Is this workshop conducted physically or virtually?

As we’re catering for outstation and overseas clients, this workshop is conducted virtually over a private Zoom Room.

Can I bring my team along?

Yes you can. We have a special group price for that too. Drop an email to or WhatsApp us so we can arrange that for you.

Will you be sending us any materials in advance?

Yup! Upon successful payment, one week before the session, you will receive an email with all the links to the Zoom Room, workbooks and worksheets.

Will there be recording of the session?

Yes there is, and it’s available for sale especially you and your team would like to revisit the course content after the workshop.

Will there be recording of the session?

Yes there is, and it’s available for sale especially you and your team would like to revisit the course content after the workshop.

Are they any other payment methods other than credit cards?

Sure! Do drop an email to or WhatsApp us and we can get the paperwork started.

Will there be an upsell?

No and Yes.

No, because there won’t be any pitching or up-selling during the two days. We need you and your team to focus on customising a few sets of Concept Closing models for your business. I believe that trying to sell you something during the program will just detract you from the progress, and distract you from what’s most important.

Yes, because you might want to take Concept Closing Method to the next level, which is to create a Signature Solution Framework for your company. In short, the Signature Solution Framework is an intellectual property that summarises your entire business offerings onto a simple but powerful diagram.

So simple that you can draw it on a blank piece of A4 paper, but so powerful that it will help you stand out from your competitors, and stay fresh in the minds of your prospects.

But I’ll be honest, it’s not applicable to all businesses. So let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?


Will there be coaching support after the session?

Yes, that’s definitely an arrangement we can explore, especially if you and your team need guidance and mentoring on implementing the 90-Day action plan that we’ll work on during the 2-day workshop.